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Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

This is a before and after photo my lady client had a lymphatic drainage treatment and was suffering with bloating and fluid retention, all results vary.

This is not a weight lost treatment it purely focuses on the lymphatic system and unblocking any lymph and removing the excess fluid that a blocked system causes. There are many more benefits to this treatment.


The male client photos were before and straight after the Brazilian lymphatic treatment. Please note not all results will be this dramatic as my client was in very good health and shape before hand and was suffering with a lot of water retention and this technique focuses on draining the fluid and helping achieve a more contoured shape.
(Of course all results vary and can be dependent on each person and there metabolism. If you are interested in more information just click the button below)

Before & After

Rotator Cuff problems

The Teres Major plays an important role in moving your arms and shoulders. The Teres Minor helps to stabilise your ball and socket glenohumeral joint and supports lateral and external rotation of the arm at the shoulder joint.

We use these muscles a lot and they can be the main cause of pain around the rotator cuff area


Another successful deep tissue and cupping treatment, she now has more movement in her shoulder area

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